Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Half-price haul - today's supermarket cut-price delights!

Quite a good haul on the way home from work today from both Co-op and Tesco - £17.95 worth of food for £8.41. New potatoes down from £1.50 to 45p and the usual 39p bagels were highlights.

Also delighted to get six kiwi fruits for just 45p to test out a recipe in this month's Olive magazine for kiwi and mint sorbet - watch this space for how that one goes!

#SOS bagels, burgers and new potatoes for tonight's tea then - might not be the usual combo of burger in a bun but it's just as tasty and as bagels always seem to be be on #SOS offer it's the considerably cheaper alternative! 85p dinner - DONE!

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