Thursday, 9 August 2012

#SOS flowers £3 a bunch down to 75p and £8 worth of food for £2.49!

#SOS gladioli - £9 worth of flowers for £2.25!
Here's a twist to the usual #SOS haul - flowers instead of food! Mr Kate has no need to fork out on pretties for me when there are these gladioli shelf bargains to be had! Three bunches of beautiful gladioli - all in different stages of bloom so should last a while - down from £3 each to just 75p. I'll have three, thank you!

Also a good quality haul on the food front tonight - Mr Kate's lunch for tomorrow is sorted with a Thai style prawn noodle salad down from £3 to £1 and a fruit salad pot down from £1 to 35p. And for the freezer one of Mr Kate's favourites - Covent Garden soup down from £2.25 to 65p and a Co-op carrot and coriander soup down from £1.75 to 49p.

It might not be soup weather at the moment but don't forget these fresh soups can easily be frozen and used at a later date which is what we shall be doing for those rare days when the shelf isn't fully loaded with cut-price delights! You can eat cheaply all year round if your freezer is big enough and ours certainly is! Hurrah for the ginormous American-style fridge freezer!

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