Tuesday, 28 August 2012

£30.86 worth of food for £12.16!

£30.86 worth of food for £12.16!

The #SOS bargains keep on coming at the moment! Tonight's post-work trip saw this little lot secured - a cracking £30.86 worth of food for just £12.16. And it includes four packs of chicken breasts, which are still in date until the day after tomorrow, down from £3.75 a pack to £2. The chicken was actually supposed to be £7.50 a pack as it was already on a special half price offer - quite why anyone would pay £7.50 for them is beyond me!

Also in this haul is a bag of satsumas down from £1.70 to 45p, two packs of ham down from £2.05 to 55p, Aberdeen Angus burgers down from £2.69 to 69p, wholemeal rolls down from 83p to 39p, two packs of bagels down from £1.51 to 45p and blueberry muffins down from £1.45 to 19p. Oh and not forgetting a sausage roll treat for Mr Kate down from 62p to 25p! That's our breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted for the next few days!

Chicken fajitas for tonight's dinner - spruced up with some fresh coriander sprinkled on top and veg patch courgettes instead of an extra pepper.

Now to plan tomorrow night's chicken dinner - the rest is in the freezer for a later date!

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