Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Free milk - and more!

Free milk - and more!

Call me old-fashioned, but I do think there's something deliciously old-school about having milk in a proper glass bottle instead of that new-fangled plastic lark!

Mr Kate and I had been considering having milk delivered for a while, so when I spotted a Milk & More (www.milkandmore.co.uk) promotional stand in our local shopping centre I was keen to sign up. Even keener when I overheard the promo lady say that the first £10 of milk was free! Surely there must have been a catch? Nope - I signed up for weekly deliveries and the first £10 worth is indeed completely free! And I was even given four free cartons of orange juice for my troubles too.

I did have to create a direct debit for future purchases over and above the £10 credit, but I'm pleased to report that a couple of weeks in and we're still only half way through our £10 and haven't paid a penny so far! Free milk a-go-go!

To make it even better, a snazzy cool bag arrived on my doorstep with the first order, complete with a welcome pack and voucher for a free packet of cheese. Mr Kate was best pleased at that seeing as I so rarely buy him cheese (I hate the stuff!).

I must admit I got ridiculously excited  waiting for our first bottles to be delivered - simple pleasures!

The Milk & More website is really easy to use and you can choose the days for your deliveries, cancel them up until 9pm the night before, or even order more if you realise you're running short for the next morning's brekkie.

And it's not just milk - they also deliver bread, juice, dairy products and other daily essentials. I'm sticking to milk and juice for my deliveries though as am too addicted to bargain-hunting on the reduced shelves!

We have a few weeks left to go before our £10 free credit runs out and I have to say I'm more than tempted to keep the service going - call me daft but it's just so much more satisfying pouring milk from a proper glass bottle!

If you fancy trying out the service feel free to use my refer a friend code and you'll get £10 off your first £20 shopping. Go to www.milkandmore.co.uk/Referafriend and enter the code 7E38TKIS and you'll be able to redeem the offer. You'll also be able to enter your postcode to see if they deliver in your area - and even find out the name of your milkman! Ours is called Brian!

Roll on Wednesday and the next delivery!

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