Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tonight's shelf raid: £10.54 worth of food for £3.02!

£10.54 worth of food for £3.02!

Oooh, Mr Kate will be pleased with me tonight! Mini pork pies down from £2.44 to 61p and Aberdeen Angus silverside sliced beef down from £3.25 to 80p. With his penchant for pies and cold meats he should be a happy bunny with tomorrow's luncheon treats!

Also on the raid tonight was a big four pinter of milk down from £1.25 to 35p - my work colleagues will hopefully embrace the #SOS way of life when I take that in for tomorrow's teas and coffees.

And finally tonight's dinner is in the oven using cut-price mince down from £3.60 to £1.26. I'm getting a bit experimental and creating a spicy shepherd's pie - it's baking in the oven as I type. Recipe to follow!

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