Monday, 6 August 2012

Recipe for spicy cous cous with chicken and roasted vegetables

Spicy cous cous with chicken and roasted vegetables

I've been using up a whole host of #SOS vegetables from my fridge over the past few days and tonight's tea was no exception with this spicy cous cous, chicken and roast veg cut-price creation!

My post-work shelf trip found a great reduction of some ready cooked chicken breast pieces, down from £3.40 to 85p. Perfect to throw into my cous cous and veg recipe for a bit of added protein.

Here's how I made it - you can of course use whatever veg you've got going:

1) Chop up a yellow pepper, green pepper, courgette, spring onion, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and a fresh chilli (use dried if you haven't got fresh).
2) Jumble them all up in a roasting tin with some olive oil, a teaspoon of cumin and some salt and pepper.
3) Roast in a pre-heated oven for 15 minutes or so - give it a bit longer or a bit less depending on how crunchy you like your veg.
4) Whilst the veg are cooking, place some cous cous in a bowl and just cover with hot vegetable stock (I used a veg stock cube).
5) Add a bit of salt and pepper to the cous cous then cover with a plate for a few minutes and leave to cook.
6) Fluff up the cous cous with a fork.
7) Add the veg and mix well into the cous cous.
8) Stir in some chopped coriander and a little lemon juice.
9) Throw in the ready cooked chicken and serve!

I've made this cous cous a lot in the past and had it with no meat in at all or thrown in whatever meat needs using up - we've had it with chopped up leftover sausage in which was really tasty.

Tonight's meal was a really cheap one again - the cut-price chicken, free courgette (once again courtesy of Mr Kate's Uncle Gerald), the 15p tomatoes, 9p spring onions and various other #SOS veg meant that the whole thing cost just £2. Four portions from it as well so that's 50p a portion and lunch sorted for tomorrow! A good cut-price start to the week!

Now to plan what to do with the two other 15p punnets of tomatoes for tomorrow's dinner...!

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