Thursday, 30 August 2012

£6.19 worth of food for £1.53!

£6.19 worth of food for £1.53!

A small haul from the reduced shelf tonight - but a quality one!

Pancakes down from 66p to 12p will do nicely for a weekend breakfast.

The fresh custard down from £1.69 to 45p will go nicely with some #SOS peaches I need to use up - I'm thinking of stewing the peaches, serving with the custard and then crumbling over some amaretti biscuits. I'm licking my lips already at the thought of that!

And Mr Kate is a very happy fella tonight - I have a bit of a phobia of cheese and hate the stuff... whereas Mr Kate loves it! So I don't often buy it for him but when I saw this brie down from £1.92 to 48p I thought I'd indulge him! I'll just steer clear of him when he eats it!

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