Sunday, 24 February 2013

95% reductions: £19.90 worth of food for 90p!

95% reductions: £19.90 worth of food for 90p!

The best #SOS shelf-raid EVER! Couldn't believe my eyes in Kingsthorpe ASDA last night - I was lucky as arrived just as the final reductions were being made at around 8.45pm. And my goodness, what reductions they were! Everything was being reduced to just 10p! Yes, you read right - EVERYTHING REDUCED TO 10p!

- Three punnets of blackberries (perfectly fresh) reduced from £3 per punnet
- Two packs of 12 sausages reduced from £2.10 per packet
- A pack of two mini lemon cheesecakes reduced from £2
- A pack of six Petits Filous reduced from £1.50
- A pack of two baby cabbages reduced from £1.20
- And a pack of beef and pork mince reduced from £2

Should have cost £19.90 - actually cost 90p! A 95% reduction! Incredible!

I'm sure the most ardent of foodies would argue that the meat isn't the best of quality, and ok, it might not be, but I'm here to show that you can cook fresh food for a family on the very smallest of budgets. The beef and pork mince is going to be made into a bolognese sauce tonight for, literally, next to nothing.

And yes, the sausages might not be the best farmhouse quality but I have a soft spot for these particular sausages - a guilty pleasure you might say! My nan used to buy these sausages and they remind me of staying with her in North Wales. I thoroughly enjoyed having them for breakfast this morning and will probably make a sausage stew or hotpot with the others in the freezer at some point.

With a few store cupboard essentials, this shop could feed a family for a couple of days - FOR JUST 90p!

The money I save with shops like this once in a while means I can afford to buy good quality meat from local butchers and more expensive ingredients for special meals. But for now, I'm more than happy with my 10p mince and am off to the kitchen to make tonight's bolognese!

P.S. For the non-believers, here's a copy of the receipt!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Sharon - I was rather shocked to say the least!

  2. Incredible and wow!! Who ever said you cant find good food for a reasonable amount of money , was so wrong!! X

    1. And the mince is now bubbling away into a bolognese as I type! Yum!

  3. WOW!! What is the best time to hit the shops for these bargains? I went to my local Tesco 15 mins before closing today and they had no reduced stuff at all!!!!

    1. Well, it's hit an miss, but I got this an hour and a quarter before closing time. Places vary though so what I do is, instead of doing one big shop, always try to nip in whenever I'm passing and have five mins!