Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Chilli, mint and lemon spicy broad bean salad

Chilli, mint and lemon broad bean salad

We keep getting regular deliveries of broad beans from Mr Kate's Uncle Gerald - having never cooked broad beans before I'm now experimenting with different broad bean salads.

This recipe I threw together over the weekend was simple to make, very tasty and as cheap as chips as I used the first of our home-grown tomatoes!

To fellow broad bean virgins, the worst thing about them is the faff of first boiling them and then peeling them to remove the tough outer skin. However if it's a sunny day then sitting in the garden with a big bowl to skin whiles away half an hour quite happily!

1) Prepare the broad beans by boiling them for five minutes. Once they've cooled down, remove the skins.
2) Put the beans in a bowl and squeeze over the juice of a fresh lemon.
3) Add a glug of olive oil and a few grinds of sea salt and black pepper.
4) Add a finely chopped fresh chilli (de-seeded if you don't want it too hot).
5) Add a handful of chopped fresh mint and a spring onion.
6) Add a few roughly chopped ripe tomatoes.
7) Sprinkle half a teaspoon of cumin over the mixture and give it all a good mix.

Tasty, fresh and cost only approx 25p with so many free ingredients used!

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