Wednesday, 7 May 2014

£18.49 worth of food and plants for £2.79

£18.49 worth of food and plants for £2.79

Well, I've had quite a busy day today - quite unexpectedly my blog was featured on the Daily Mail website and I've had so many lovely tweets, Facebook messages and emails as a result! (Oh and some rather hilarious negative comments on the Mail Online - my favourite being someone saying they hope I get worms, much to my amusement!).

Anyway, despite it being rather frantic, I still managed to pop into Tesco and Waitrose on my way home for my usual five minute check of the reduced section to see what I could make use of! And I'm certainly glad I did as I found some excellent bargains - in total I bought £18.49 worth of food (and plants!) for just £2.79.

Here's what I nabbed:

Two bags of parsnips reduced from £1 to 10p per bag
Seeded loaf reduced from £1.50 to 15p
Tenderstem broccoli reduced from £1.49 to 19p
Pears reduced from £2 to 39p
Peaches reduced from £2.50 to 39p
Three pot plants reduced from £3 to 49p each

The fruit and veg were all perfectly fine and nowhere near past their best - several days left to enjoy those at least.

Now I've just got to plan what to make with all the bargains - anyone got any good parsnip recipes?!


  1. I've got a parsnip cake recipe on my blog. Also parsnip soup could be a way of cooking them then you could freeze to avoid waste.

  2. Parsnips, roast them, roast them and roast them lol. Oh and P,s I hope you dont get worms!! Bless.x

  3. Worms huh? Are we talking killer worm with sharp teeth to gnaw out your insides or worms in your garden to help your veges grow? I only wish we got such bargains in NZ. However at least one of the main supermarkets now sends its close to use by food to food banks/homeless shelters which is a big improvement on simply throwing it out.