Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The £1 lunch challenge!

Carrot and coriander soup - £1.50 down to 25p

Happy New Year all! Any resolutions? Mine are pretty simple seeing as I've put on half a stone over Christmas...

Eat less lard + move more = Wear considerably smaller knickers


And of course my continuing quest to eat as cheaply as possible is part of that!

Also part of my resolution will be to ensure I take a packed lunch to work - if I don't plan my meals I end up eating rubbish from the canteen and chips and beans (one of the safer options in the canteen) won't help with the smaller knickers mission.

I went back to work on Monday (day off today thankfully) and my challenge to myself (and you, dear reader, should you so desire!) is to eat for less than a pound every lunchtime. The cheaper the better!

Monday was easy - I had some reduced carrot and coriander soup in the freezer down from £1.50 to 25p! Bargainous and guilt-free. Enough in the pot to feed both me and Mr Kate so at 12.5p each for the soup and 3p for a roll (pack of six reduced from 89p to 18p) the grand total of Monday's lunch was 15.5p!

Think I'll struggle to get lunch much cheaper than that but I'll certainly have fun trying! I'll have to start the challenge on Monday though as the next few days of lunches are totally free - leftover turkey and stuffing sandwiches from the Christmas dinner my mum belatedly cooked for us today.

If you give the £1 lunch a try do let me know how you get on and post a pic of any particularly tasty morsels - I'm on Twitter @cutpricekate and Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/DomesticGoddessingOnAShoestring


  1. Teehee.. I just got my own reduced soup out the freezer for lunch at work tomorrow! I'm all about the yellow labels too.