Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Five breakfasts for 76p: Breakfast on a budget for #BreakfastWeek

A week of breakfasts for just 76p!

Last week (20-26 Jan) was Farmhouse Breakfast Week - an annual celebration championing the importance of breakfast and encouraging the nation to Shake Up Their Wake Up!

Folks across the country tweeted pictures of their breakfast and I decided to join in #BreakfastWatch by not only tweeting pics of my brekkie, but also (in true Domestic Goddessing on a Shoestring style) trying to make my breakfast as cheap as possible! Here's what I had...

Monday - Fresh pineapple chunks reduced from £1.40 to 14p!
Tuesday - Scotch pancakes and jam, two of a pack of six reduced to 19p so approx 10p with the jam.
Wednesday - Muffin with butter, one of a pack of four reduced from 92p to 29p so approx 8p for one with the butter.
Thursday - Muffin with half a chopped banana and golden syrup for approx 25p.
Friday - Innocent smoothie reduced from £1.26 to 19p.

So a grand total of 76p for a whole working week's worth of breakfasts! 

After such a cheap week of breakfasting Monday to Friday (and the realisation I didn't have any cut-price bread left in my freezer!) a full-price bagel and scrambled eggs made an appearance on Saturday. You either love it or hate it, but I add a touch of my Marmite to my bread when I have scrambled eggs - it makes all the difference!

To celebrate the end of #BreakfastWeek in style, I headed out for brunch with Mr Kate and my god-daughter Jemima (and her mum and dad!) on Sunday morning to Buddies Diner in Kingsthorpe, Northampton. A perfect start to the day filling up on breakfast and spending time with loved ones.

Jemima eyes up her mum's brekkie!

A huge plate of breakfast later (that really kept me going for the rest of the day!) and #BreakfastWeek was over - here's to next year as I'm already missing tweeting pics of my brekkie every day!

More info on the campaign at: www.shakeupyourwakeup.com 

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