Wednesday, 9 January 2013

£1 lunch challenge - day three!

12.5p for these tasty spring rolls!

A cracking #SOS reduction for today's £1 lunch challenge - a selection of mini spring rolls from Morrisons reduced from £4 to just 25p! More than a 90% reduction - one of the best ever bargains I've found! I'm not a great fan of pre-packed ready meals but this was a bargain too good to miss out on!

Before and after - £4 to 25p!

Half a pack for my lunch today (with a little sweet chilli sauce for dipping) so my lunch cost an amazing 12.5p! I've been having a lot of soup this week so a bit of crunch for my lunch made a nice change!

Oh and I've lost another pound too - five pounds down since Jan 1st! Hurrah!

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