Friday, 25 January 2013

£12.29 worth of Waitrose food for £2.37!

£12.29 worth of Waitrose food for £2.37!

I do love shopping in Waitrose - nice wide aisles, smiling staff, unusual ingredients and, as last night proved, excellent end of the day reductions!

I popped in on the way back from visiting the invalid (see the last grapes blog!) about 45 minutes before closing time and scored this great haul of bargains.

- Five Innocent smoothies reduced from £1.26 to 19p each
- Thai fragrant rice reduced from £1.89 to 49p
- Baby parsnips reduced from £1.69 to 29p
- A bag of limes reduced from £1.29 to 25p
- A pack of Jalapeno chillies reduced from £1.12 to 39p

£12.29 worth of food for just £2.37!

I'm not usually one for pre-packed rice (seriously, how difficult is it to boil some up?) but, as it was reduced and I was having a late dinner after visiting the patient, it saved time to quickly  heat it up with a portion of home-made chilli from the freezer. Speedy, cheap dinner - done.

And smoothie for today's breakfast also sorted - making an effort to have breakfast every day this week as part of national Breakfast Week. More info on the campaign at: or why not tweet your breakfast pics using #BreakfastWeek - I have been tweeting my cut-price breakfasts @cutpricekate. If you're not already following me on Twitter you can find me at:


  1. This is incredible, amazing discount deals. Waitrose is my favourite of all the supermarkets, I will keep my beady eyes open to hunt out the bargains too, thanks Kate. Off to do some shelving!! X

  2. It's the way forward! And just think how happy the hubby will be with you! ;-) x

  3. I feel short changed - never seem to find these bargains in Daventry Waitrose!

    1. Keep trying Sharon - an hour to 30 mins before closing and you never know your luck!