Monday, 7 January 2013

£1 lunch challenge - day one!

Soup and roll for 32.5p!

Day one of my eat lunch for £1 or less has arrived! Today's was cheap and healthy - the best possible combo. Another pot of reduced soup from the freezer - potato and leek reduced from £1.50 to 25p. Enough for two people so 12.5p per portion coupled with a reduced roll out of the freezer for 20p. Much cheaper than the work canteen, that's for sure!

I also had a healthy side of my favourite edamame beans reduced from £2 to 59p. Several days out of date but still absolutely fine and dandy. Good job as I have another pot for tomorrow's lunch!

So a grand total of 91.5p for soup, roll and edamame beans. And more than a few of the five a day veg portions done. Job done for Monday!

As a side note, it's been a pretty cheap day all round actually as breakfast was two crumpets reduced from 85p to 19p for a pack of six - so just over 6p for breakfast!

Mr Kate also made a chicken curry for tonight's dinner using some free-range #SOS chicken breasts reduced from £4.65 to £2.79 and various cut-price veg we had floating about. At about £2 per portion for the curry it really has been a bumper day in the cut-price stakes - my food for today comes in just under £3 at £2.98!

Who said eating well costs?! Not if you look out for the reduced stickers! Cut-price home-made soup simmering on the hob for tomorrow's lunch coming up next!

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