Monday, 10 September 2012

Chicken dinner on the cheap - £2.50 for two people!

£2.50 chicken dinner for two!

It's all been quiet on the shelfing front for the past few days as have been using up the contents of the freezer. Tonight's simple Monday night tea was a chicken dinner on the (very) cheap - Morrisons half tandoori chicken down from £3.79 to £1.95, Waitrose corn on the cob reduced from £2.19 to 55p, runner beans free from Mr Kate's Uncle Gerald, free coriander grown in pots on the windowsill - grand total of £2.50 for a chicken dinner for two people!

Jazzed up the corn on the cob by mixing a little butter with a splash of lemon juice and some chopped coriander leaves - added a  certain zing to the proceedings!

Back to cooking from scratch tomorrow though - I'll be using up some #SOS minced beef to make one of my trusted favourite recipes of beef keema curry. Looking forward to it already!

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