Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Addicted to shelfing - £16.14 worth of food for £2.88!

£16.14 worth of food for £2.88

Yesssss, I know... I KNOW I'm supposed to be thinning out the freezer stocks to make room for Mr Kate's surprise purchase... But how can you resist bargains like tonight's when it's over 80% savings?! What's a girl to do...?! The key to successful shelfing is buying the bargains as soon as you see them so I simply can't say no!

Luckily Mr Kate was with me and was happily putting things in the basket himself so he can't complain. He actually found one of our best ever bargains tonight - Lamb tandoori shish kebabs down from £3.79 a pack to 25p. 25p?! That's 93% off! We'll have two thanks! One for the freezer and one for tomorrow's dinner when we're going to turn them into meatballs and use them in a Moroccan meatballs with eggs style recipe!

Other highlights were a 15p baguette and corned beef down from £2 to 25p. Lunch sorted!

I'm an #SOS addict - and my bank balance LOVES it!

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