Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The 5p lunch!

From zero... hero!
How to take one #ShelfOfShite stale roll and create a scrumptious lunch for a mere 5p!

Mr Kate and I have developed a recent obsession with hunting out #ShelfOfShite bargains - trawling the local supermarkets for their latest cut-price offerings. But once procured, the real skill comes in turning the end-of-life bargains into something to satisfy our hunger for top-quality foodie treats.

Today's lunch was quite a triumph - both in flavour and frugality.

1) A stale multi-grain roll for a budget-busting 4.5p - sliced and toasted
2) A smattering of houmous
3) A grating of fresh carrot (free from Mr Kate's Uncle Gerald's veg patch)
4) A few salad leaves picked freshly from their home on my kitchen windowsill
5) A snip of garlic chives, again freshly cut from their kitchen windowsill home

5p lunch - DONE!

Now, I wonder what time they'll be reducing the shelves today...? The hunt for the next cheap meal continues!

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