Saturday, 28 July 2012

Strawbfest - strawberries six ways!

Folks have asked what I did with the six punnets of #SOS strawberries I hunter gathered for a paltry £1.80. Well, I have to admit that six punnets turned into eight... I couldn't say no on a #SOS trip last night when I saw they were down in price even more to just 20p a punnet! What's a girl to do?! Can't ignore a good shelf bargain, now can we?!

So, here's what we've had so far:

Strawberry ice cream
My strawberry ice cream was really simple to make. Mr Kate bought me an ice cream maker for my birthday last year and I have to admit this was only the second outing it's had since then! But I will certainly be using it again as the soft, luscious ice cream it produced was delish! And ready in just 30 minutes! All it contained was two punnets of strawberries, a carton of double cream, a dash of Jif lemon juice and a few spoons of sugar. Simples.

Strawberry and orange ice lollies
I knew these ice lolly moulds would come in useful one day! These were so quick and easy to make and healthier than the average ice lolly! I blitzed a punnet of strawberries with a hand blender and then added about 200ml of economy orange juice - half a dozen healthy ice lollies for 40p for the lot! My god-daughter-to-be Jemima seemed to enjoy them!

And the rest in brief:

Strawberry, orange and banana smoothie

Peach, orange and strawberry smoothie
(with a 4p #SOS bagel!)

Apple, peach and strawberry fruit salad

Strawberry milkshake
(made with strawbs, milk and vanilla ice cream)

And the stragglers were washed and hulled and popped in the freezer - they'll be perfect to use in smoothies.

No more #SOS strawberries for a while please Tesco - we've had more than our fair share of five a day for the past few days! Apparently strawberries are good for gout though... Mr Kate will be pleased - anything to see him through the cricket season!

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