Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Spiced broad bean and ham pilau

Now this was a cracker of a BBQ accompaniment and came in at the princely sum of approx £2.00 - with a generous six portions from this that's 33p per serving!

It was an adaption of a recipe in the latest issue of Waitrose magazine. The recipe called for bacon but with my 55p #ShelfOfShite (#SOS) ham safely secured I, of course, opted for the cheaper version! I also chopped and changed the cooking method and ended up with the following:

1) Boiled a cup of brown rice
2) Chopped up an onion, red chilli, two cloves of garlic and some green beans
3) Stir-fried them in a wok with a touch of olive oil and two spoons of Thai green curry paste
4) Added a chicken stock cube with a touch of water
5) Stirred through the cooked rice, chopped up ham and previously boiled, shelled and skinned broad beans
6) Topped off with some roughly torn coriander leaves

Mr Kate had his with a gammon steak from the BBQ (gammon bought by Mr Kate's mother who does have a marvellous habit of bringing us bags full of free meat) and I had some #SOS turkey escalopes (75p). A grand total then of 33p for Mr Kate's tea and £1.08 for mine! Bargainous!

It's been a particularly cheap food day today:

Breakfast: #SOS Bagel with Marmite and peanut butter (trust me, it's a great combo!) = 5p
Lunch: #SOS Houmous, carrot and salad seeded roll = 5p
Dinner: #SOS Ham and broad bean pilau and turkey = £1.08

Might be time to celebrate with one of yesterday's leftover #SOS chocolate muffins - four muffins for 15p! Warmed up with a dollop of ice-cream they'll be as fresh as a daisy!

Dessert: #SOS Choc muffin and a dollop of economy ice cream = 10p


Hard to beat but I will give it my best shot!

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