Thursday, 26 July 2012

Cheat's tomato salsa recipe and two-course lunch for four for £3.50!

So the parentals came round to do a bit of gardening for me (with the operation recovery I actually have a valid reason not to do any myself!) and Mr Kate came home from work for lunch - opportunity to use up some #SOS bargains for a quick lunch methinks!

I whipped up a quick tomato salsa to add a bit of freshness and vibrancy to the proceedings. I cheated and didn't bother discarding the tomato seeds as you're supposed to - what's the point in wasting food afterall?! 

To make my cheat's tomato salsa:

1) Chop up some fresh tomatoes - whatever size or type you have.
2) Finely shop a red onion.
3) De-seed and finely chop a fresh green chilli (or keep the seeds in if you like it extra hot!).
4) Chop about two tablespoons worth of fresh coriander.
5) Mix in the juice of a fresh lime (mine cost 3p from the #SOS!)
6) Add salt and black pepper to taste.


Add a pack of 15p rolls and various #SOS ham and pate, yesterday's leftover broad bean and ham pilau and a few carrot and cucumber sticks - one thrifty yet tasty lunch is served!

And to top off the proceedings fresh fruit salad of peach, apple and #SOS strawberries, complete with home-made #SOS strawberry ice-cream!

Two-course lunch for four = £3.50!

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