Friday, 10 May 2013

Two litres of cola for 17p!

Two litres of cola for 17p!

Friday night, a long day at work and Mr Kate is away... Whilst the cat's away, this mouse needs fizzy drinks and chocolate! So I took a quick stroll to our local Tesco Express (that'll burn off 1% of the calories about to be consumed in choc) to hunter gather some treats.

Chocolate - check. Next stop the drinks aisle. Tonight, however, my eyes were drawn away from the branded cola deals of two bottles for £3 when I spotted a bargain on the bottom shelf. Not sure how long this own-brand bottle has been around, but I was amazed to find a two little bottle of Tesco Everyday Value diet cola for just 17p. That's right - seventeen little pennies!

So what does it taste like? Well the branded pop purists might not be satisfied but I actually quite like it! I've got a glass on the go as I type (plenty of ice and a slice of lemon of course) and as far as fake fizz goes I'm more than happy!

I'll definitely be swapping the pricey branded pop for this cut-price pop in the future!

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