Monday, 20 May 2013

£14.20 worth of food for £4.04!

£14.20 worth of food for £4.04!

The best thing about the drive home from a visit to the parentals' house is that I pass four supermarkets on the way back! Would be rude not to pop in and see what's on offer, right?!

A lovely little haul on Saturday night - £14.20 worth of food for £4.04. In Waitrose I secured some chicken wings down from £2.45 to 79p and two packs of salmon grills down from £4 to £1.35. In Tesco I also picked up a pack of celery down from £1.25 to 25p and two bags of sprouts down from £1.25 to 15p.

Sprouts? It's not even Christmas! Time to get my thinking cap on and see if I can do something creative with everyone's favourite (??!) Christmas veg!

Any inspiring sprout recipes?! Do let me know!

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