Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cut-price store cupboard staples

Cut-price store cupboard sauces

Most of my yellow-sticker hauls tend to be fresh food coming to the end of their shelf-life, but once in a while I find a basketful of bargains with several months' worth of life in them yet!

There's a shelf in our local Morrisons that is usually stocked with slightly damaged products. You know the sort - multi-packs of canned drinks with one missing, a broken flan base, dented tins and bashed boxes... unloved products that have taken a bit of a bruising and are just waiting for a home! Usually there's nothing worth taking home but from time to time it comes up trumps as it did on a recent trip...

Jars and jars of yellow-stickered sauces, pastes, salsas and dressings. Kerching! We stocked up our cupboard with two jars of curry paste down from 64p to 29p, Wahaca Mexican sauce down from 99p to 49p, soy sauce down from £1.15 to 59p and Old El Paso sauce down from £1 to 49p.

And the best thing? The best before dates! June, August and October! Why they were reduced I don't quite know - maybe it was simply the end of the product line and the supermarket wanted rid.

Next time you're passing the 'unloved' shelf take a look - you never know what you might find!

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