Tuesday, 21 May 2013

His and hers haul - £53.24 worth of food for £18.78!

His and hers haul - £53.24 worth of food for £18.78!

Mr Kate is an absolute gem sometimes. I knew he would be passing Waitrose on his way home at about 6pm last night so gave him firm orders to pop in and see if there were any good reductions on the go. Whilst he was at one end of town wandering through Waitrose, I was at the other end meandering through Morrisons on the way home from work. Some might say that could have been a recipe for disaster and we'd end up buying the same things - but no, our cross-town hauls were the perfect match!

I came home laden with reduced breads, muffins, wraps and rolls whilst Mr Kate came up trumps with a host of cut-price meat and fish. Bingo!

Highlights from the his and hers haul include:

Chunky cod fillets - £2.79 down to 49p
Chorizo sausages - £2.99 down to 99p
Chicken breast fillets - £4.43 to £1.82
Thai green chicken kebabs - £4 to £1.49
Diced veal - £3.99 to £1.49
Aberdeen Angus steak burgers - £4.99 to £1.69
Chilli beef shish kebabs - £3.49 to £1.29
Mussels in Thai broth - £2.99 to 99p
Watercress, rocket and spinach salad - £1.99 to 35p
Nectarines - £3.49 to 75p
Tortilla wraps - 69p to 9p
Seeded loaf - 89p to 9p
Apple pies - 50p to 9p
Muffins - 75p to 9p

And much more!

Mr Kate was delighted to have mussels on a Monday night - a rare treat! Not being a shellfish kinda gal, I had some of the shish kebabs in a wrap with a touch of sweet chilli sauce and some of the watercress, rocket and spinach salad.

I made up more wraps with the leftover kebab meat for today's lunch and then finished the 9p wraps off tonight by making chicken fajitas for our dinner.

In total, Mr Kate's meaty haul should have cost £36.36 - it actually cost £14.40. My bread heavy haul should have cost £16.88 - it actually cost £4.38.

So in total, £53.24 worth of food for £18.78 - a 65% reduction overall. Not bad work for a Monday night and our freezer is now fully stocked for the barbecue season. All we need now is a bit of sunshine...

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