Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Courgettes - Part 1!

Courgettes anyone?!
So, dear reader, in the process of testing out whether Co-op honour special offers when the items are also yellow-stickered, I've now found myself with 12 courgettes to use!

I spotted packs of three courgettes reduced from £2.10 to 75p - but also clocked that they were on buy four get one free as well. In my quest to share with you money-saving tips, I of course had to see if they would honour both the yellow stickers AND the buy four get one free... And the good news is they did!

So, I ended up getting £6.30 worth of courgettes for £2.25. Unlike Waitrose they only take off the cheaper price but still not bad at all! Have a read of my previous blog on the wonderfulness that is Waitrose's price glitch when it comes to special offers and yellow labels - you can end up with them paying you to take food off their hands. My kind of shopping! Read more at: http://domesticgoddessingonashoestring.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/waitrose-cut-price-glitch-24-sausages.html

Anyway, back to the courgettes...

I must say it seems quite crazy to me that the standard price for three courgettes in Co-op is £2.10 - 70p per courgette is pretty high in my book! The price of veg seems to be getting higher and higher in supermarkets - I'd really advise trying out your local market for fairer prices and good quality. Fitzy 's stall at Northampton market is well worth a visit if you're a Northamptonian.

You may think I'm mad for buying 12 courgettes but they were all nice and firm and I knew there was a good week left to use them all up before they started turning. So now to get creative with my glut of courgettes!

We went from 12 courgettes to 11 last night by adding one to our chicken and veg stir-fry. Cut-price chicken, mushrooms, chillies, courgettes and stir-fry sauce and this meal cost us less than £1 for the two of us. Bargain. One courgette down, 11 to go...

Another two were used up tonight in this courgette frittata. So simple to make - simply fry up the sliced courgettes with some onion and a chilli, beat 4-6 eggs in a big bowl, add the fried veg to the egg, give it a good mix and then back into the pan on a slow heat until the egg is all set. Serve with a salad and bingo - quick and healthy meal for two, DONE!

Three courgettes down, nine to go! Feel free to share your favourite courgette recipes with me!

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