Monday, 18 March 2013

90% off Waitrose food - £19.14 worth of food for £1.84!

90% off Waitrose food - £19.14 worth of food for £1.84!

Took mum out for the afternoon yesterday and stopped off at Waitrose on the way back just before closing... and my, what a lovely haul we got to share between us!

Two packs of speciality mushrooms reduced from £1.99 to 10p, Charlotte potatoes down from £1.49 to 15p, chillies down from 99p to 10p, prawn noodle salad down from £2.75 to 19p, pesto pasta salad down from £2 to 19p, loaves down to 23p, coleslaw down to 15p...

In total, £19.14 worth of food down to £1.84! Over 90% off!

The potatoes and chillies will last for at least another week or two, the mushrooms went in our stir-fry tonight and Mr Kate and my dad had one of the salads each for their lunches today.

I love shopping like this - making the most of whatever cheap deals you can find instead of one big weekly shop saves us so much money on food. We've more than halved our monthly spend on food since we started looking out for the cut-price bargains!

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