Saturday, 30 March 2013

Bank Holiday Bargains!

£37.95 worth of food for £12.78!
Happy Easter all! If you're not up to much this afternoon or evening then get to your local supermarket and see what you can find on the reduced shelves - bank holidays are usually excellent times to get bargains if the shops are closing for a day!

It was actually this time last year that I first realised the brilliance of buying from the reduced shelf - about 5pm the night before Morrisons was closing for the day, we got a trolley-load of 75-90% reductions and stocked up our freezer. An obsession with shelfing was born!

Looking back, I'm so glad we discovered this new way to shop - if only we'd kept tally of all the savings we've made... I'm sure it would run into the hundreds over the past year!

Just the other day I got the great haul pictured above - £37.95 worth of food for £12.78. Some of the highlights in that haul included Waitrose fresh cod fillets reduced from £ 4.73 to £1.53  and loaves of bread reduced from £1.35 to 20p. All straight in the freezer. Also found some cans of lager reduced to 50p each so thought would treat Mr Kate!

Was also pleased to find stock cubes reduced from £1.67 to 70p and soup reduced from 85p to 25p - all with 2014 dates on them so they must have been end of line stock. Just goes to show that it's not always stuff approaching the end of its shelf-life that gets reduced.

Hope you all manage to pick up a bargain or two this Easter Bank Holiday - if not then there is always the reduced Easter eggs next week to look forward to!

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