Sunday, 17 March 2013

£11.26 worth of food for £3!

£11.26 worth of food for £3!
One of the tricks to eating cheaply? Ditch the weekly shop and simply pop in to your local supermarket whenever you're passing!

That's what I did last night on the way out to dinner with Mr Kate at our local Indian restaurant - I insisted on dragging the poor boy into the two mini supermarkets we passed before and after the meal to see what was on the reduced shelf!

We were rewarded with this haul of good reductions which included two cabbages reduced from 95p to 25p, wraps reduced from £1.70 to 50p, sandwich thins down from £1.36 to 50p, and the best bargains - chicken tikka slices reduced from £3.15 to 75p. £11.26 worth of food for £3!

Bread into the freezer and I'm thinking chicken salad for my packed lunch on Monday. Mum will be delighted when I see her later today with a gift of a reduced cabbage - her favourite veg! I'm so very generous! ;-)


  1. Remember, it's only a bargain if you really want/need it. Bargain hunting can be addictive. Good to think of friends and family who don't get out and about so much.

    1. Absolutely - we have changed our shopping habits so we don't do a big weekly shop to avoid waste. We pop into the shops every few days when we're passing and then pick up the reduced items we fancy and cook according to the ingredients we've picked up. Hardly waste any food now by shopping like this! And I'm always sharing the bargains with my mum too.