Sunday, 14 October 2012

Shelf raiding road trip - £70 worth of food for £15!

Laden with seven bags of shelf delights! 

Shelf raiding road trips are the new going out! Well, it was for me and my friend Zoyla this week!

Zoyla had told me she was spending too much on food shopping (£300 a month for her, her fella and his two little ones' visits) and needed teaching in the #SOS way of life! So I suggested a catch up over a shelf raiding road trip to show Zoyla where to get the best bargains!

We set off at 7.30pm and took in five supermarkets on a five-mile round trip to see what we could find. Tesco Express was the first stop and we got the timing just right as the final reductions were just being made as we walked in - they went straight from the shelf to our basket!

Our first bags of shopping included oranges, jacket potatoes, carrots, parsnips, rolls, pasta salad, a loaf of bread and a bunch of roses - for £1.59... Zoyla was already getting into the #SOS swing of things!

Next stop was the local Co-op with a poor show - just a pack of roast chicken but it did have a great reduction of £3.09 to 79p.

We jumped in the car, buoyed by the Tesco purchases, and hot-footed it to a deserted Morrisons which had lots of delights on offer including half price rotisseries chickens - one each please!

8.15pm and Waitrose was the next stop which had lots of fruit on offer including blueberries down from £3.99 to 59p and raspberries down from £2.87 to 59p. By this point Zoyla was already getting addicted to shelf raiding and realising just how much food you can buy for next to nothing if you put in the hard work! OK so you wouldn't normally go to five supermarkets in one night but it meant we got to catch up and save money at the same time!

ASDA was the last stop where we picked up lots of cut-price bakery goods for the freezer and had a giggle finding a deserted aisle where I posed for a photo!

Home by 9pm, laden with seven bags of shelf delights and Mr Kate greeted us at the door to see what we had hunter gathered.

And the results were quite outstanding...

The haul included:

2 x rotisserie chickens - £5.28 to £2.59 

Seeded oat rolls - 83p to 12p
Warburtons loaf - 70p to 11p
Pitta breads - 22p to 5p
Pesto potato salad - £1.50 to 23p
Cheese and onion bagels - £1 to 10p
Tiger baguette - 40p to 5p
Carrots - 68p to 10p
Lemon tarts - £2.80 to 31p
Breadcrumbs - £1.19 to 22p
Scotch pancakes - £2.57 to 22p
Blueberries - £3.99 to 59p
Halloween muffins - £2.29 to 45p
Red Thai chicken noodle soup - £3 to 49p
Milk - 37p to 29p
Fresh lemonade - £1.10 to 20p
Eggs - £1.95 to 45p
Cream - £1.04 to 16p
Melon medley - £2 to 26p
Honey and mustard chicken pasta - £2 to 30p
Raspberries - £2.87 to 59p
Roast chicken slices - £3.09 to 79p
Packets of jacket potatoes - 85p to 13p
Parsnips - £1 to 15p
Baguette - 70p to 10p
Hovis loaf - £1.30 to 19p
Celery - 90p to 29p
Radishes - 99p to 22p
Activia yoghurts - £1.84 to 25p
Sweet potato and tomato crisp melts - £3 to 75p
Munch bunch yoghurts - £1.58 to 19p
Oranges - 35p to 5p
Roses - £3 to 43p

We bought a few of several items as the deals were so good and it all came to a grand total of £14.89 for the lot!

And how much should it have cost? Drum roll please...


Wowzers! So basically £70 worth of food for £15 (80% savings!) and the cost of a five-mile round trip in petrol. Can't say fairer than that!

Zoyla and I don't see enough of each other so regular shelf raiding road trips are now on the cards and we'll take it in turns for driving duties!

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