Thursday, 1 November 2012

£32.22 worth of food for £12.13!

£32.22 worth of food for £12.13!

The aim of tonight's shelfing was to find some cut-price pumpkins to create some delicious autumnal soup - alas the only pumpkins I found were still full price! I'll keep my eyes out for one in the next few days!

However, although there were no pumpkins to be found, there was plenty of other cut-price fare to fill my fridge and freezer! Four rotisserie chicken portions down from £2 to 50p, four packs of barbecue chicken wings down from £3.40 to £1.19 (I gave one pack to the parentals and the others are in the freezer), a quiche down from £1.34 to 21p, a pack of Pringles down from £2.49 to £1.29, three packs of Waitrose fresh minced beef down from £3.19 to £1.49, a meat feast pasta salad down from £1.97 to 31p and a pot of my favourite edamame beans down from £1.25 to 59p.

£32.22 worth of food for £12.13 so I mustn't grumble about no pumpkins!

I did have to stop myself from buying all manner of cut-price Halloween chocolates and cakes including packs of fresh cookies down to 10p - my waistline can do without those at the moment!

Fingers crossed for a cut-price pumpkin tomorrow!

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