Saturday, 6 October 2012

Rotisserie chicken for £2.49!

I was a little naughty the other evening - I'd had a very long day at work and Mr Kate was out for the night. Cooking just wasn't an option so I popped along to Morrisons and got the timing just right (7.30pm fact fans!) as they were reducing the fresh rotisserie chickens just as I arrived!

I hovered as the yellow stickers were printed off (you have to be brazen to get the best deals!) and secured a whole roast chicken (£5.28 down to £2.49) and two chicken breasts (£3.84 to £1.49). Luckily the bakery goods were already reduced and I bought bagels (£1.45 to 49p), raisin and walnut flute (£1 to 25p) and a bag of half a dozen mixed rolls (75p to 35p).

Warm chicken rolls for dinner (naughty I know, but it was lovely!), lunch sorted for the next few days and we still have some leftover chicken to use up which I may well throw in to a rice dish for tomorrow's dinner!

Hover at the rotisserie section near closing time and you may well bag yourself a bargain - they can't keep them until the next day so have to reduce them is it's been a slow day!

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