Sunday, 7 October 2012

Thai green vegetable rice with chicken - £1 for four portions!

I've already blogged about my vegetable egg fried rice recipe I often cook to use up leftover veg and meat - this is a twist on that recipe using curry paste instead of egg which basically employs the same principle of using up whatever you have languishing in the fridge!

I had some leftover rotisserie chicken and a big haul of free courgettes and runner beans from Mr Kate's Uncle Gerald's veg patch to use so thought this was a quick and easy way to clear the fridge!

1) Boil some rice according to the instructions - I like to use Thai Jasmine rice and buy in big 5kg bags to keep the cost down.
2) 2-3 minutes before the rice is cooked add in a handful of frozen peas and/or sweetcorn. 
3) Drain the rice and peas/sweetcorn and leave to one side.
4) Chop into cubes whatever veg you need to use up - for mine tonight I used green and yellow courgettes, runner beans, spring onions, a shallot, red chilli and broccoli
5) Heat some oil in a wok or large frying pan, add a spoon or two of thai green curry paste (I used a little too much tonight - scorchio!) and stir fry the chopped veg for a few minutes.
6) Throw in the shredded leftover chicken and heat through.
7) Add the rice and peas/sweetcorn to the pan and give it all a good mix.
8) Squeeze in the juice of half a lime or lemon.
9) Serve with some chopped fresh coriander sprinkled on top.

Less than a pound for four portions - two for tonight's dinner and two for tomorrow's lunchboxes. And space cleared in the fridge for the next shelf raid!

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