Thursday, 8 May 2014

Recipe: Stewed plums, peaches and mint with yoghurt

Stewed plums, peaches and mint with yoghurt

We often find bargain fruit in the reduced aisle and it's always good to do something different with it instead of leaving it in the fruit bowl to eat on its own.

Stewing fruit is an excellent way of making the most of reduced fruit. If you get a big haul of fruit in then simply stew it up and have in the fridge for several days worth of breakfast or desserts. Or even better - portion it off and freeze to enjoy another time.

Last night we stewed up some plums and peaches for this morning's breakfast - and tomorrow's too! It's really simple to do - we sliced the fruit, added to a saucepan with two spoons of brown sugar and a little lemon juice, and then simply let them stew over a low heat for 10-15 minutes until soft but still with a slight bite. We also chopped some fresh mint from the garden and added to the fruit to give it a little extra je ne sais quoi!

This morning we portioned the fruit into four glasses and poured over half an Actimel yoghurt drink (reduced of course!).
And the cost?

Two peaches = 19.5p (from a punnet of four reduced to 39p)
Six plums = 24p (reduced from £1.20)
Lemon = 5p
Sugar = 5p
Two bottles of Actimel = 25p (reduced from £2.95 to 99p for eight)
Mint = from the garden

So a total of 78.5p for four portions - just under 20p per portion for a healthy breakfast and two of your five a day!

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