Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A tenner's worth of Waitrose veg for £1.75!

A tenner's worth of Waitrose veg for £1.75!

I've been neglecting my shelf raiding duties of late but Mr Kate got us firmly back in action with this Waitrose veg haul tonight.

He's working in Market Harborough at the moment and was given firm instructions to see what the reduced shelf at Waitrose had on offer when he left work tonight. And he didn't disappoint...

Mediterranean mixed veg down from £1.99 to 65p, corn on the cob down from £2.29 to 25p, asparagus down from £1.99 to 25p, mixed carrots, beans and sugar snap peas down from £1.99 to 45p and broccoli down from £1.69 to 15p.

In total, £9.95 worth of Waitrose veg for £1.75! And it's all perfectly fresh and will last several days yet.

That's our five a day intake sorted for a while!

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