Sunday, 21 July 2013

Free home grown fruit, veg and eggs!

Free home grown fruit, veg and eggs!

No need for scouring the reduced section for fruit, veg and eggs this week - we got all of this for free today! I took a trip with Mr Kate to see his parentals and whilst we were there paid his Uncle Gerald a visit. Regular readers of my blog will know we often get veg deliveries from Uncle Gerald and today was no exception!

Freshly picked blackcurrants, raspberries, cabbages, carrots and beetroot - what a haul! Add to that a delivery of fresh eggs from another neighbour in the village and we are more than sorted for the week!

Blackcurrant bushes
Uncle Gerald's veg plot is amazing - his blackcurrant patch is bigger than our entire veg patch put together! We picked a huge bowl of blackcurrants and barely made a dent - it would have taken all day to harvest this lot!

We are mere beginners in the growing your own lark - Uncle Gerald on the other hand has years of experience and we certainly have a lot to learn from him.

Summer fruit pudding or a berry compote anyone? Any other favourite recipes for summer fruits?! Will see what I can come up with when I cook up this lot tomorrow.

We also now have cherries to add to the haul as our lovely neighbour popped a bowl over the fence to us - freshly picked from their cherry tree. Only fair for us to share out our veg haul in return!

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