Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Indian meal for two for 76p!

£18.06 worth of food for £1.82

Excellent shelfing action tonight! Popped in to a Tesco Express on our way home from a meal out with a friend (a Groupon deal of course - more on that another time!) and secured an excellent cut-price haul!

We're not ones for ready meals but when you find an Indian meal for two reduced from £7.61 to 76p... well, you can't really say no to that! Chicken tikka, chicken korma, four onion bhajis, pilau rice and two naan bread - tomorrow night's dinner sorted.

Mr Kate's lunch is also sorted for tomorrow - a pack of two Tesco Finest scotch eggs reduced from £1 to 10p. And the freezer is stocking up again nicely with the three packs of quarter pounder burgers we bought reduced from £3.15 to 32p per pack.

A grand total of £18.06 worth of food for £1.82. 90% savings. Don't mind if I do!

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