Sunday, 4 November 2012

£22.89 worth of food for £9.33 - £1.99 for a whole pheasant!

£22.89 worth of food for £9.33 - £1.99 for a whole pheasant!

Still no cut-price pumpkins (think I'm going to have to resign myself to the fact that I've missed out this year!) but did discover a great haul of quality food from Sainsbury's #SOS shelf last night.

Two whole Taste The Difference pheasants down from £5 to £1.99 each, a whole chicken down from £5 to £2.99, two Covent Garden soups down from £2 to 69p each, fresh pot of basil down from £2 to 49p and a pot of houmous down from £1.89 to 49p. £22.89 worth of food for a grand total of £9.33 - bargainous!

Roast chicken for Sunday lunch it is today then, one pheasant in the freezer and one as a present to the parentals for helping out with the decorating this weekend!

Now to see what #SOS veg we have left over to use for this roast dinner...!

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