Thursday, 13 March 2014

£17.92 worth of Waitrose food for £4.94

£17.92 worth of Waitrose food for £4.94

I'm a happy bunny this evening! Why? That wonderful moment when you find a whole chicken in Waitrose reduced from £5.64 to £1.49, that's why! And plenty more bargains to boot - all now safely packed away in my freezer to cook another day.

In total I got £17.92 worth of food from Waitrose for £4.94. Here's what I nabbed:

Whole chicken - £5.64 down to £1.49
Chicken thighs - £4.64 down to £1.76
Two packs of cod fishcakes - £1.29 down to 39 per pack
Organic celeriac - £2.06 down to 28p
King Edward potatoes - £3 down to 89p

With an extra 26p taken off for having a myWaitrose card that meant a grand total of £4.94. Less than what the whole chicken should have cost on its own!

Waitrose might be one of the priciest supermarkets but their end of day reductions are some of the best around which makes them more than affordable. And sometimes if you get the right reductions they end up paying you to take the food off their hands, but that's another story for next time...!

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