Thursday, 13 February 2014

£41.27 worth of Waitrose food for £7.18!

£41.27 worth of Waitrose food for £7.18

Well I'm ashamed to say that this is my first blog of 2014 - life and a busy job has got in the way. But I'm back in action now and back on the cut-price food hunt! Oh and I found myself a new day-job too and will be starting in a few weeks time - new year, new me!

And what a good haul I got tonight in my local Waitrose for my first blog of the year - plenty of quality meat for the freezer makes me a happy bargain-hunter!

I was very surprised to find such good bargains at 5.30pm on my way home from work - the reductions were the sort usually kept for just before closing!

Here's what I bagged:

- Five packs of pork fillet varying in price (according to weight) but the most expensive was £5.66 reduced to 83p!
- Lamb neck fillet reduced from £3.60 to 64p
- Rack of lamb reduced from £7.92 to £1.15
- Three packs of smoked haddock fishcakes reduced from £1.29 to 49p
- Scotch bonnet chillies reduced from £1.50 to 49p

A grand total of £41.27 worth of food reduced to £7.18. The meat and fishcakes are now safely packed away in the freezer, other than one pork fillet which will be used to create a Valentine's Day cut-price romantic dinner of some description! And to spread the cut-price love I will be sharing some of the meat with my mum too - happy Valentine's Day, mother!

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