Thursday, 7 February 2013

BBC Radio Northampton lunch challenge: Day four - Cous cous, roast veg and ham salad

Cous cous, roast veg and ham salad

Brightened up my lunch-box today with some colourful veggies in my cut-price cous cous salad. I used some leftover veg I got when visiting the parentals for dinner last night - waste not, want not!

To the left over red pepper, courgette and onion I added a sprinkling of cumin, a glug of lemon olive oil and popped in the oven for 15 mins. A few minutes from the end I threw in a few slices of some chopped up cut-price ham (reduced from £1.79 to 65p).

I made up some cous cous, stirred through the veg and ham, added a drizzle of lemon oil, et voila - lunch, DONE. And for the princely fee of no more than 50p.

Add to that a reduced cinnamon hot cross bun (£1.45 down to 35p for a pack of four) and lunch came in at 59p.

BBC Radio Northampton presenter Stuart Linnell tweeted his lunch today - a McDonald's for £3.10! My lunches for Monday to Thursday this week have cost a grand total of £2.18!

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