Tuesday, 5 February 2013

BBC Radio Northampton lunch challenge: Day two - Tuna, houmous, red pepper and coriander filling

Another day, another #ShelfWars lunch! I'm not usually a sandwiches kinda gal but actually really enjoyed today's wholemeal sarnies. And, of course, they were cut-price!

I had a pack of Warburtons wholemeal sandwich thins (if you haven't tried these they are actually jolly nice and great if you're counting calories as only 100 per thin) reduced from £1 to 15p for a pack of six and houmous reduced from £1.45 to 45p for three mini pots.

But what to do with them? I added a small tin of tuna (33p a tin), quarter of a red pepper and a few coriander leaves and mixed with the houmous. Sort of like tuna mayo but with houmous instead of mayo. And jolly nice it was too!

So, 5p for the bread, 15p for the houmous, 33p for the tuna, and another few pence for the small amount of red pepper and coriander and we have a grand total of 60p for the sandwiches.

My lunch was rounded off with a creme caramel reduced from £1.04 to 45p for a pack of six so 7.5p for dessert!

Sandwiches and a sweet treat for less than 70p! Hurrah!

Now to plan tomorrow's lunch...!

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