Monday, 28 April 2014

Day 1 #BelowTheLine: 93p for three meals

Day 1 #BelowTheLine: 93p for three meals

This week I am taking part in a charity challenge to raise awareness of poverty. I will be raising money for The Global Poverty Project who work to improve the lives of people living in poverty. The challenge, called #BelowTheLine, is to survive on £1 per person, per day. That's just £1 a day for all meals and drinks for five days!

Regular readers of this blog will know that I live pretty frugally already. I blog about eating and cooking as cheaply and healthily as possible but for me it is simply to save money for the nicer things in life. For many people it is a necessity, so this week I will be really pushing my cut-price shopping habits to the limit to try to live off £1 per day - and forcing Mr Kate to do the same (he's delighted about that...).

If you have any spare cash please do sponsor me at:

Please donate as much as you can to raise money for the people for whom £1 a day is a reality instead of a five-day challenge.

So, how have I got on today? Surprisingly well as I managed to get some excellent end of day bargains last night! A 15p loaf, 24p punnet of raspberries, 20p pack of Quorn and four yoghurts for 25p has got me off to a great start! Here's what I had and how I got the meals so cheap:

20p breakfast = Two slices of wholemeal toast and fresh raspberry smoothie.

Bread - 2p (reduced 15p loaf)
Raspberries - 12p (half a reduced 24p punnet)
Yoghurt 6p (25p reduced pack of four)

34p lunch = Two rolls with Quorn, tomato and vegetable soup, pineapple pot.

Quorn - 10p (half a reduced 20p pack)
Rolls - 9p (two from a pack of 12 reduced to 55p)
Pineapple - 10p (reduced of course)
Soup - 5p (bargain reduction!)
39p dinner = Sausage and tomato pasta.

Sausages - 5p (half a reduced 10p pack)
Onion - 5p (half a 10p onion)
Tomatoes - 16.5p (half a 33p tin)
Chilli - 2.5p (half a reduced chilli)
Pasta - 5p (quarter of a bag of 500g of Tesco value penne pasta)
Paprika and chilli spices - 5p

So a grand total of 93p for three decent meals. And water is classed as free in the challenge so I've stuck to that all day long. With the raspberries, soup, pineapple, tinned tomatoes and onion I even got a good four of my five a day in too!

One day in and it's not going too bad... although a bar of chocolate wouldn't go amiss!


  1. Brilliant bargains! You've made some delicious meals today, will check back tomorrow and see how you are getting on. We're taking part as a family so I'm enjoying following other bloggers who are also taking part. :)