Sunday, 20 October 2013

£10.77 worth of food for £1.65!

£10.77 worth of food for £1.65!

A great little haul on the way home from the gym tonight when we popped in to our local Tesco Express and mini Co-op. £10.77 worth of food for just £1.65!

Here's what we got:

Greek yoghurts - £2.39 down to 65p
Milkbread - £1 down to 25p
Wholemeal rolls - 85p down to 9p
Multiseed loaf - £3.15 down to 32p
Houmous - £1.38 down to 14p
Two lettuces - £1 down to 10p each

Plenty of bread to stock up the freezer!

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